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The Listening Cure

Healing Secrets of an Unconventional Doctor

“With her compassion and masterful insights, Dr. Chris Gilbert uncovers the root cause of seemingly inexplicable and mystifying symptoms of many illnesses.”

– Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, MD, MACP, Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School

New Release!

Riding the Monster

Five Ways To Innovate Inside Bureaucracies


Why do so many game-changing innovations start on a napkin sketch in restaurants vs. drafting tables inside monster bureaucracies that famously chew up and spit out innovation? We answer that question—and show how to innovate inside big bureaucracies—with five inspiring stories of successful game-changers. 

Co-written with Dr. Eric Haseltine. 

The Listening Cure

Our bodies speak to us all the time. Through symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, abdominal pain, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms, our bodies let us know that we have a problem and that we need to solve it. In The Listening Cure, Dr. Chris Gilbert, assisted by Dr. Haseltine, shows that by using her “giving the body a voice” technique, sufferers can discover what the symptoms mean and how to fix the often hidden reasons for their health problems.

By listening to what our bodies have to say, Dr. Gilbert shows how to achieve long term deep cures versus temporary superficial fixes. Her secrets will become your secrets.

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4 Secret Benefits of One Minute of Exercise Per Day

4 Secret Benefits of One Minute of Exercise Per Day

One minute per day can transform you.   Do you know all the positive effects of physical exercise on your body and your mind? I bet you don’t. And even if you do know some of them, you may think that the recommended-by-the-Mayo-Clinic 30 minutes per day of...

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Doctors Impossible

Dr. Chris Gilbert and Dr. Eric Haseltine have launched another co-venture:
The Doctors Impossible.


Follow their adventures around the globe discovering the next “impossibilities” in both the world and inside of each of us, and exploring how they might shape our future.

About Dr. Chris Gilbert

CHRIS GILBERT, MD, PhD is an author, speaker, and a physician with an expertise in the field of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Currently writing for Psychology Today, she had a private practice in France and California, and has dedicated her life to treating illnesses that other physicians haven’t been able to address. She is known for her exceptional success in treating chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Dr. Gilbert is a member of Doctors Without Borders, and has served in Mozambique, Sri Lanka, China and Mauritania. Holding a certificate in Hyperbaric Medicine, she has worked as a SCUBA doctor and ship’s physician.  A SAG-AFTRA actress, Dr. Gilbert also serves as a medical advisor for TV and motion pictures.

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